A. Our Services Include:

  • No Collection, No Fee base (i.e., you risk nothing if we do not collect)
  • International debt collection
  • Domestic debt collection
  • Fast delivery of clear and accurate reports
  • Reporting system tailored to your culture, your business, your needs
  • Skip Tracing & Asset Location
  • On-site visits to debtor for credit evaluation and negotiation of payment schedules
  • Receivables management
  • Cost-effective litigation
  • in-bound debt collection for the international clients
  • out-bound debt collection for Korean domestic clients
  • Systematic and transparent collection procedures (we always exhaust amicable collection efforts first and only undertake court action when the amicable phase has proved fruitless); and in the most cases (more than 90%), we collect the debt amicably.
  • Secured transfer of monies being collected.

B. We are Debt Collection Expert in Korea:

  • Specializing in debt collection recovery in Korea and worldwide, we, Ace Law Group (TCM Korea) are a nationally and internationally respected law firm comprised of highly skilled legal professionals with over 20 years of experience in careers as judges and public prosecutors, which is a clue to reach to a successful negotiation without litigation.
  • Should a court proceeding prove unavoidable, our seasoned litigation team will be ready to work for your recovery consulting with you vis-à-vis debt collection process.

C. Our International Debt Collection Services

  • In the second quarter of 2014, Ace Law Group proudly became shareholders in TCM Group, the prestigious international debt collection network with over 150 offices operating from local collection points in every major economic region around the globe.
TCM Group International Ltd. is the world's leading organization of debt collection and lawyers offices. It was started in 1987 and develops constantly.

TCM was created to tackle the problem of ever increasing collection costs in international trade and to deal with the high complexity of credit collection activities in a global world economy.

TCM collects both commercial and consumer debts in over 140 countries.

Due to geographical as well as cultural differences, collection laws and procedures vary greatly from one country to another throughout the world. The local TCM offices are expert in their countries collection laws and customs. They offer you maximal chances to collect out of courts, promptly and at limited costs; and propose optimally adapted solutions in courts when needed.

This unique network gives you the highest chances of successful recovery. You get: the reliability of working with highly selected, well known and proven associates
● coupled with the summed experience in collection services of over 50 companies
● and a paramount expertise in local law and customs.
We work for multinational companies (service and manufacturing), trade associations, international banks, credit insurers, global
financial corporations, credit and store card issuers, collection agencies, law firms, government entities and retail establishments.

We also help individuals to recover moneys due to them.
We belong to various associations in which we can find more cost-effective and professional solutions for any debt to be collected.
Ace Law Group-TCM Korea is a member of:

The TCM Group International, Ltd. [www.tcmgroup.com]
● Through the TCM Group, we collect on the 5 continents.
● But also, we learn solutions applied abroad which boosts our creativity.

D. Our Collection Procedures

1. You need to supply a fax or letter or e-mail with :
(Note: for large volumes, we handle all types of files with claims data: TXT, XLS, CST, etc.)

  • Identification of the debtor(s). The more you provide, the quicker we can collect.
  • Debt(s) balance statement.
  • Identification of the debtor(s). The more you provide, the quicker we can collect.
  • Interest rate to be applied (from what date) and/or the fixed charge to be applied to the debt, if any. This must be legal (and contractual if different from legal minimums).
  • With the first case only: a general agreement signed with us describing our obligations.Such agreement remains valid for any further claim.

2. What we will do :

  • We confirm receipt of the case(s).
  • We send a letter to the debtor (registered mail if needed).
  • Thereafter, no standard procedure. We want results and take the appropriate actions including on-site visits ('street calls').
  • If the amicable efforts fail, we propose legal proceedings when appropriate.
  • If no solution is reached, we deliver a report (free of charge) for your accounting.
  • For foreign located debtors, our local partners work similarly. Details vary according to local habits and legal systems.

3. At any time :

  • We can supply information on the progress to date (this can be adapted to your needs).
  • We maintain continuous action (no sleeping files).

4. Upon collection :

  • You are immediately informed
  • We transfer the funds (minus commission) to you as agreed

E. Industries we serve:

  • Commerce and Consumer
  • International Trade
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Government & Diplomatic Institutions
  • Media & Telecom

F. Our Clients

TCM KOREA (Ace Law Group)’s clients stem from a wide range of industries and government entities and include international credit insurers, banks, global financial corporations, exporters and importers, manufacturers, freight forwarders, and international law firms and collection agencies.

Trust our experience & ability to manage your international credit.